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OptoFidelity News

1 min read

XR Leaps Forward at AWE USA 2022

By Nikhil Pachhandara on 10 June 2022

OptoFidelity was proud to sponsor last week’s AWE USA in Santa Clara, hosting the thought leaders in AR/VR/XR. Award winners ranging from the novel VR bumper cars and virtual garden experiences to enterprise and consumer applications showcase the potential XR has in changing our everyday lives. Haptics were a major area of focus, with innovative technologies that enhance sensory input. Enterprise applications such as Auggie winner Avataar is transforming consumers’ online buying behavior with AI-driven immersive shopping.

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1 min read

Optofidelity Joins LaSAR Alliance for AR Wearable Devices

By OptoFidelity on 18 February 2022

OptoFidelity, a global market leader in AR metrology and DOE waveguide testing solutions joins LaSAR Alliance for augmented reality wearable devices. As a member of LaSAR Alliance, OptoFidelity will be working closely with ecosystem and industry to define the future characterization methods and standards of AR wearables.

Read the press release:


About OptoFidelity
OptoFidelity is an agile measurement automation provider with a wide range of expertise in smart device testing from R&D concepting to smart manufacturing QA. OptoFidelity is a Finland-based global company providing optical metrology and engineering services in NA, EMEA and APAC.

OptoFidelity offers customized and standard versions of AR / VR performance test automation systems, robots for touch and haptics performance testing of panels and displays, and systems for full functional hardware testing of smartphones and cosmetic inspection.

About LaSAR Alliance 
The LaSAR Alliance was established to create an ecosystem of like-minded companies and organizations to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques and solutions to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. 

The LaSAR Alliance Founding Board Members are represented by STMicroelectronics, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Quanta Computer, Mega1, Dispelix, AMAT Applied Materials and Quanta Computer. For more information about LaSAR Alliance, please visit:


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1 min read

OptoFidelity FUSION and RADI software release

By OptoFidelity on 07 February 2022

For FUSION and RADI, the first major software release of 2022 is out. In this release, OptoFidelity has focused on performance by reducing test cycle time in functional testing of smartphones.

In this release 0.3-566, we have bundled together all optimization and performance improvements that were developed and implemented during the Q4 of 2021.

After enabling all optimizations in this release, the full test run duration is reduced on average by 21 seconds and is now 10% faster than before.

What has been optimized:

  • Motion sensors test
    • Robot movements and test positions are optimized based on gathered data for faster analysis.
  • Display tests
    • By default, the test captures only white image. More colours will be captured if some of the following analyses are enabled:
      • Backlight leakage analysis. Adds blue image to be captured.
      • Hot line analysis. Adds red image
      • Hot pixel analysis. Adds red image.
      • Frame analysis. Adds green image.
    • Optimize image exposure sequence.
  • Speaker test
    • Moved to use single test tone for all Speaker test analyses to reduce test cycle time.
  • Gimbal homing at interval
    • Allows to set home gimbal only after every defined Nth test run.

OptoFidelity is a recognized pioneer in test automation. Our human-like robot-assisted technology platforms are widely used in product development, production and quality assurance. Our products are equipped with easy-to-use software tools for test configuration, results in analysis and reporting. 

To discuss about automation products for the refurbishment industry, contact Kari Järviö, Head of Refurbishment at OptoFidelity.

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4 min read

Collaboration between OptoFidelity and poLight to further strengthen testing capability and capacity of poLight's TLens®

By OptoFidelity on 01 June 2021

Press release 1 June 2021

Collaboration between OptoFidelity and poLight to further strengthen testing capability and capacity of poLight ́s TLens®

TLens®, a unique tunable photographic lens, has been introduced to the market for various user groups and applications. TLens “replicates” the lens of the human eye, enables new user experiences, and eases the implementation of autofocus functions for various applications.

“poLight’s TLens is a tunable optical lens that enables the focus function in optical devices used in various products where quality and reliability are key,says Dr. Øyvind Isaksen, CEO at poLight ASA. In order to further strengthen our capability to secure the above, poLight has partnered up with OptoFidelity to meet the future demand in this important area.”

The demand for high quality combined with high production volumes requires multi-talented technical experience, and this puts OptoFidelity ahead of most other similar service providers. Collaborating with poLight ASA in manufacturing the TLens®, OptoFidelity provides best-in-class automated test systems. This kind of partnership requires international service coverage and OptoFidelity can match this need with its global presence.

We at OptoFidelity have a long history of providing highly accurate optical test systems from R&D to mass production. We develop the best-performing automation products and measurement technologies for our customers, enabling their innovations for a smarter future. This new cooperation with poLight is an exciting opportunity for us in camera testing and measurement. Our world-class competence combined with a local and global reach allows poLight to further strengthen its capability in securing quality and reliability,says Lasse Lepistö, CEO at OptoFidelity Oy.

Additional information and interview requests:
Lasse Lepistö, CEO at OptoFidelity Oy
+358 40 7411221

About OptoFidelity Oy., Inc.
OptoFidelity is an agile measurement automation provider with a wide range of expertise in smart device testing from R&D concepting to smart manufacturing QA. OptoFidelity is a Finland-based global company providing optical metrology and engineering services in NA, EMEA and APAC. For the latest news, please visit the OptoFidelity news page at

About poLight ASA
poLight offers a new autofocus lens which "replicates" the human eye for use in devices such as smartphones, wearables, barcode, machine vision systems and various medical equipment. poLight's TLens® enables better system performance and new user experiences due to benefits such as extremely fast focus, a small footprint, no magnetic interference, low power consumption and constant field of view. poLight is based in Horten, Norway, with offices in Finland, France and China and representation in Taiwan and Korea. For more information, please visit


Lehdistötiedote 1. kesäkuuta 2021

OptoFidelityn ja poLightin yhteistyö vahvistamaan poLight TLens® -tuotteiden testausteknologiaa ja -kapasiteettia

Uudella tavalla säädettävä, ihmissilmää jäljittelevä, TLens®-linssi on lanseerattu markkinoille. Linssi palvelee monenlaisia käyttötarkoituksia ja kohderyhmiä. TLens® helpottaa automaattitarkennuksen käyttöä erilaisissa sovelluksissa ja mahdollistaa aiemmasta poikkeavan käyttäjäkokemuksen.

“poLightin TLens on säädeltävä optinen linssi. Se mahdollistaa tarkennustoiminnon sellaisissa optisissa laitteissa, joissa laatu ja luotettavuus ovat avainasemassa, kertoo poLight ASAn toimitusjohtaja tohtori Øyvind Isaksen. “Valitsimme kumppaniksi OptoFidelityn, jotta pystymme vastaamaan tämän tärkeän markkina-alueen kysyntään tulevaisuudessa. “

Korkeat laatuvaatimukset ja laaja tuotantovolyymi vaativat laajaa asiantuntemusta ja teknistä kokemusta, mikä tuo Optofidelitylle kilpailuetua moniin samantyyppisiin palveluntarjoajiin nähden. TLens®-linssin valmistukseen Optofidelity tarjoaa poLightille luokkansa parhaat automatisoidut testijärjestelmät. Tämän tyyppinen kumppanuus vaatii kansainvälistä palveluvalmiutta, johon Optofidelity pystyy vastaamaan globaalin verkostonsa avulla.

“Meillä Optofidelityssä on pitkä historia huipputarkkojen optisten testijärjestelmien tuomisessa tutkimus- ja kehitystyöstä massatuotantoon. Kehitämme asiakkaillemme alan suorituskykyisimpiä automaatiotuotteita ja mittausteknologioita, mikä mahdollistaa heille innovaatioiden kehittämisen tulevaisuuden tarpeita ja erilaisia älysovelluksia varten. Yhteistyö poLightin kanssa on meille uudenlainen ja innostava tilaisuus kameratestien ja mittaamisen saralla. Maailmanluokan asiantuntijuutemme yhdistettynä sekä paikalliseen että globaaliin ulottuvuuteen antaa poLightille mahdollisuuden vahvistaa laatua ja luotettavuutta,” sanoo Lasse Lepistö, OptoFidelity Oy:n toimitusjohtaja.

Lisätiedot ja haastattelupyynnöt:
Lasse Lepistö, CEO at OptoFidelity Oy
+358 40 7411221

OptoFidelity Oy., Inc.
OptoFidelity on ketterien automaattisten mittausratkaisuiden kehittäjä ja kumppani. Yrityksen osaaminen painottuu älylaitteiden testaukseen läpi tuotteen elinkaaren – konseptoinnista ja tuotekehityksestä älykkäiden tuotantolinjastojen laadunvalvontaan. OptoFidelity on suomalaislähtöinen yritys, joka tarjoaa optisia mittausjärjestelmiä ja insinööripalveluja maailmanlaajuisesti. OptoFidelityn uusimmat kuulumiset löydät osoitteesta

poLight ASA
poLight on kehittänyt uudenlaisen ihmissilmää jäljittelevän automaattikohdennuslinssin eri laitteisiin, kuten älypuhelimiin, puettavaan teknologiaan, viivakoodeihin, konenäköjärjestelmiin ja erilaisiin lääketieteellisiin laitteisiin. poLightin TLens® mahdollistaa paremman suorituskyvyn sekä uudenlaisen käyttäjäkokemuksen nopean tarkennuksen, pienen koon, magneettisen häiriöttömyyden, matalan energiankulutuksen ja yhtenäisen näkökentän ansiosta. poLight on perustettu Norjan Hortenissa, ja sillä on toimitilat Suomessa, Ranskassa ja Kiinassa sekä edustus Taiwanissa ja Koreassa. Lisätietoja osoitteesta

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1 min read

New office location in Silicon Valley

By Maria Tuulkari on 17 February 2021

In January 2021 OptoFidelity's office in Cupertino, California, USA moved to a new location.
The new office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley tech hub. At the new space we have everything we need: a unique showroom with demo robots presenting OptoFidelity’s latest test and measurement technologies, meeting rooms, secure room for confidential customer projects, ergonomic workspaces, and areas for productive teamwork.
On top of that we have cozy cafe’s, restaurants, and shopping centers just around the corner! 
For those who wish to visit us by car we have plenty of parking space. The intersection of Interstate 280 and State Route 85 is less than a mile away.
Address to our new Cupertino office is:
OptoFidelity Inc., 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 540 Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Location in Google Maps
Should you have any questions about testing we're happy to help! Book a live or virtual demo with our experts at
Here's a picture of the new office space and our awesome team for you to enjoy!
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