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OptoFidelity News

1 min read

Webinar: Testing of Injection Molded Structural Electronics

By OptoFidelity on 5/25/20 11:42 AM

OptoFidelity and TactoTek organize a webinar for testing of IMSE technology.
Injection   Molded   Structural   Electronics ( IMSE) is a technology developed and licensed by TactoTek to integrate modern electronics into various applications and use cases. As TactoTek’s preferred test solutions provider, OptoFidelity is proud to introduce a new versatile testing platform for the IMSE technology.

During this webinar, you will have a chance to see the new testing platform in action and ask your questions directly to OptoFidelity and TactoTek experts.

The webinar will be on the 4th of June 2020, and hosted by:

  • Heikki Rantsi, Head of Account Team
  • Tapio Marttila, System Architect
  • Tuomas Nieminen, Test System Architect

The first session will be at 11 AM (EEST) - currently FULLY BOOKED,
and the second session will be at 8 PM (EEST).

The webinar will have demonstrations of test applications for IMSE production testing to show how to test and verify the functionality of products based on IMSE technology

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1 min read

OptoFidelity in collaboration with TUT Kampusklubi

By Ilmo Lounasmaa on 2/7/18 9:45 AM

OptoFidelity is part of Tampere University of Technology´s partner program, Kampusklubi. As part of Kampusklubi we want to be part of co-creation and innovation within the TUT and partner companies. Great example of co-creation are different events, what Kampusklubi and the partner companies are organizing. On this week we are again participating in VR Aamu event (VR Morning). Event is about sharing innovations and ideas around AR and VR. And lots of demo´s, discussions and ideas.

Topics: News Partners
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OptoFidelity and Futuremark point out if virtual reality pokes

By Annu Laine on 2/24/17 9:59 AM

Finnish publication "Tekniikka & talous" wrote an article about OptoFidelity's and Futuremark's synergy and cooperation in virtual reality testing.

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1 min read

MediaTek and OptoFidelity Collaborate on User Interaction Testing

By Annu Laine on 3/17/16 10:26 AM

Demo presented at MediaTek new product Helio X20 launch

MediaTek announced the launch of a new flagship product, Helio X20 mobile processor recently. Helio X20 is equipped with a Deca-core CPU and introduces a new Tri-Cluster architecture for improved performance without compromising the power consumption levels. Power consumption optimization usually means a trade-off with performance, and vice versa. Furthermore, the tuning between power consumption and performance is extremely time-consuming. In order to speed up the tuning process for their customers, MediaTek has partnered with OptoFidelity in the user interface performance testing with Helio X20. The companies present a demo and results in MediaTek Helio X20 product launch in Shenzhen on March 15th.

Topics: News Partners
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2 min read

Atmel and OptoFidelity Collaborate on Handwriting Test Solution Demo Presented at MWC2016

By Annu Laine on 2/17/16 1:50 PM

Atmel® and OptoFidelity, both recognized leaders in the touch technology segment, today announced their collaboration. In this collaboration, OptoFidelity and Atmel are working together to develop next-generation cutting-edge technologies for future touchscreen requirements. OptoFidelity is delivering novel solutions to support the testing of human handwriting on touchscreens which is a challenging feat that requires high-end measurement technologies and novel approaches. OptoFidelity is presenting the solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 February 22-25, 2016 in Barcelona.

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1 min read

Android phone functional testing - Google Test Automation Conference 2015

By Annu Laine on 12/28/15 3:40 PM

Hans Kuosmanen, Test Solutions Vice President, and Natalia Leinonen, Software Engineer from OptoFidelity joined Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) in Boston, on November 10-11, 2015.  Our presentation was about Android phone functional testing, with the help of test robots. Hans and Natalia were invited speakers in the conference. The slides and video recording of their presentation are now available at GTAC pages.

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OptoFidelity called as a speaker to Google Test Automation Conference November 10-11

By Annu Laine on 10/8/15 9:43 AM

OptoFidelity is proud to announce its participation to the Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) 2015 to be held in Massachusetts, US.  The Google Test Automation Conference is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google that gathers together top test automation experts from industry engineers to academic people. The aim is to discuss the latest innovations in the field of test automation and computer science. For OptoFidelity this participation is a great opportunity  and  also an honor to present our latest innovations and learnings to this audience, as well as learn and challenge other industry experts' views and strategies.

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1 min read

OptoFidelity is the first company in Finland to offer certified expertise in National Instruments Embedded products

By Annu Laine on 8/6/15 8:33 AM

Our years of experience in National Instruments cRIO, Single Board RIO, myRIO, and System on Module (SOM) platforms as well as LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA tools was recognized, as OptoFidelity became the first company in Finland (and the whole Nordic countries) to employ developers with National Instruments Certified Embedded Systems Developer (CLED) certificates. This expertise complements our proven National Vision Specialty status and is a sign of our strong NI Embedded experience. According to National Instruments, holders of the Vision Specialty status have strong knowledge in imaging and machine vision systems. These certified experts provide their know-how to clients requiring demanding software development, integration or consultancy services.

Topics: News Partners
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PC Mag talks about OptoFidelity and Google

By Annu Laine on 7/2/15 8:00 AM

A nice article about OptoFidelity in PC Mag web site. We know, that our approach is clearly the future of testing. And it´s great to see more and more support coming from customers and media globally. Please have a look on what PC Mag talks about us.

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