OptoFidelity™ Test Factory  – The most complete modular testing solution for smart devices

OptoFidelity™ Test Factory offers the most complete set of test cases for evaluating the performance of smart devices. Choose any number of the available test cases to cover all your testing requirements.

Optofidelity™ Test Factory is the cutting edge of new era test solution for smart devices. It offers extensive testing capabilities for testing. Designed for automated, high volume testing needs, with a highly modular approach, it offers unbeatable benefits. The modular test feature design enables:

  • Flexible test cell configuration to match different customer needs
  • Cost-effective manufacturing design
  • Fast and scalable deliveries from OptoFidelity factory
  • Integration to the fully automated testing process

Optofidelity™ Test Factory delivers high capacity for testing:

  • DUT handling without product specific parts
  • Automatic, fast configuration and small change overtime
  • Optimized test cycle implementation and floor space usage

OptoFidelity ™ Test Factory test features include for example following plugins:

  • Touch & force sensor
  • Display quality
  • Camera & flash
  • Physical buttons
  • Connectors
  • Vibration
  • Audio
  • Cosmetic inspection
  • DUT feature calibrations


OptoFidelity™ Test Factory Capabilities

Audio (speaker, microphone, headset )| Touch & Force | Camera & Flash | Side Keys & Physical Buttons | BT & Wi-Fi & GPS (connectivity)  | Video | Display | Fingerprint  | NFC  | Vibration | Sensors (Ambient light, proximity, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, ultra violet, heart rate monitor | Connectors

OptoFidelity™ Test Factory is designed by one of the most experienced design teams in smart device testing. The design is based on the experience of thousands of deliveries. It is suitable for manual, semi-automated and automated testing processes. OptoFidelity™ Test Factory is the height of evolution in OptoFidelity’s core competencies and technologies, such as OptoFidelity™ Golden Eye, OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov and OptoFidelity™ Pythia software suite.

The standardized and modular design of the test features and hardware allows cost-effective and fast delivery of different configurations. OptoFidelity ™ Test Factory is the perfect choice for testing handsets, tablets, wearables, automotive and other industrial smart products. OptoFidelity ™ Test Factory will be available for customer deliveries in 2018.

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