Test and Measurement Software

We have equipped our test solutions with comprehensive test and measurement software with data collection and reporting tools. The basis in all our solutions is the OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite which we built to ease the testing of smart devices. In short it enables our customers to build complete, fully automatic test systems, and supports configuration and controlling of several different robot platforms. It is a flexible and truly scalable platform e.g. for product actuation, finger gestures and response validation.

OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite

In OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite, a generic and adaptable UI is included for entering test parameters and limits that you can easily use in the test applications. In addition the modular main system software allows straightforward inclusion of new hardware components for supporting specific measurement needs. You can select the robot platform, activation methods and other components case by case. The system features camera-based positioning tools that adjust the device-under-test (DUT) alignment. It can be equipped with comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting tools.

Need a fully customized test system?

If your needs cannot be met with our standard solutions we are happy to concept and design a solution that meets your specific needs. After all our software competence areas are:

C, C++, Python, Matlab, LabVIEW |Measurement and movement algorithms |Database and reporting solutions

OptoFidelity™ test and measurement software – Touch & Test Suite Benefits

Support for all different robot platforms | Ready solutions for touch and physical key activation | End-user programmable test development tools for rapid test application implementation | Characterized test & measurement system

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